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Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Adventa Hospice, Inc.6501 Deane Hill Dr Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 292-6000
Adventa Hospice, Inc.1420 Dutch Valley Road Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 558-6801
Arbor Terrace9051 Cross Park Dr Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 670-4111
Atria Communities IncPo Box 51565 Knoxville, TN. 37950(865) 584-5450
Atria Weston PlacePo Box 51565 Knoxville, TN. 37950(865) 584-9857
Brakebill's Nursing Home5837 Lyons View Pike Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 584-3902
Broadway Towers Apartments1508 Mccroskey Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 524-4092
Buckingham Retirement Comm7303 Manderley Way Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 690-6185
Caris Health Care9051 Executive Park Drive Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 207-5795
Cecil Residential Home2020 Cecil Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 546-3960
Children's HospitalPo Box 15010 Knoxville, TN. 37901(865) 541-8000
Children's Hospital Home Hlth133 1/2 Montvue Rd Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 693-2023
Cove View Residence For Eldrly3459 Maloney Rd Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 577-7230
Covenant Health100 Fort Sanders West Blvd Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 531-5555
Covenant Homecare And Hospice3001 Lake Brook Blvd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 374-0600
Daisy's Home For The Elderly2825 Carson Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 688-1889
Eastern Food & Gift5309 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 584-1719
Echo Ridge Retirement8458 Gleason Dr Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 769-0111
Endoscopy Center801 N Weisgarber Rd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 558-0630
Faculty Internal Medicine4005 Fountain Valley Dr # 350 Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 925-9020
Farragut Health Care Ctr12823 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 966-0600
Fort Sanders Medical Ctr1901 W Clinch Ave Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 541-1111
Fort Sanders Parkwest Med Ctr9352 Park West Blvd Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 693-5151
Fort Sanders West DiagnosticPo Box 30989 Knoxville, TN. 37930(865) 531-5400
Fort Sanders West OutpatientPo Box 30989 Knoxville, TN. 37930(865) 531-5200
Geriatric Assessment Program7009 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 558-9056
Golden Age Retirement Village1109 Beaman Lake Rd Knoxville, TN. 37914(865) 637-3470
Haslam Center3006 Lake Brook Blvd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 558-6361
Heritage Assisted Living1585 Coleman Rd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 584-7090
Heritage Assisted Living273 S Peters Rd Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 531-1999
Heritage Assisted Living144 Felix St Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 688-3800
Hillcrest Medical Imaging Inst5321 Tazewell Pike Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 687-6881
Hillcrest Medical Nursing InstPo Box 59040 Knoxville, TN. 37950(865) 687-1321
Hillcrest Medical Nursing Inst6801 Middlebrook Pike Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 588-7661
Hillcrest Medical Nursing Inst1758 Hillwood Dr Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 573-9621
Holston Healthcare Ctr3916 Boyds Bridge Pike Knoxville, TN. 37914(865) 524-1500
Homewood Residence401 Catherine Mcauley Way Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 690-4070
Homewood Residence7521 Andersonville Pike Knoxville, TN. 37938(865) 925-2668
Intensiva Hospital900 E Oak Hill Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 545-8527
Knox Legacy Dental11232 W Point Dr Knoxville, TN. 37934(865) 401-9088
Knoxville Dental Care1912 Pinnacle Pointe Way Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 573-4593
Knoxville Internal Medicine200 E Blount Ave # 740 Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 632-5885
Knoxville Pain Ctr501 20th St # 606 Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 541-2900
Lawrence Health Care10703 Dutchtown Rd Knoxville, TN. 37932(865) 675-6444
Lithotrip1901 W Clinch Ave Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 524-8801
Little Creek Sanitarium1810 Little Creek Rd Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 690-6727
Manorhouse At Knoxville8501 S Northshore Dr Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 670-0504
Middlebrook Health Ctr7328 Middlebrook Pike Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 670-1508
Morningside Garden Apartments1800 Linden Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 523-4133
Nhc Health Care2120 Highland Ave Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 525-4131
Nhc Health Care809 E Emerald Ave Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 524-7366
Nhc Place-Assisted Living122 Cavette Hill Ln Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 777-9000
Nhc Place-Cavett Hill120 Cavette Hill Ln Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 777-4000
Nhc Place-Cavett Hill11726 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN. 37922(865) 777-4000
Normandy Chateau Apartments1625 Woodrow Dr # 402 Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 687-8820
Northhaven Healthcare Ctr3300 N Broadway St Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 689-2052
Outlook Pointe At Knoxville8024 Gleason Dr Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 690-3550
Pain Control Ctr2761 Sullins St Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 637-3142
Parkview Independent Living3030 Holbrook Dr Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 687-0033
Parquets Medical Center9352 Park West Blvd Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 373-1000
Peninisula Outpatient Ctr6800 Baum Dr Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 588-2933
Presbyterian Homes Of Tenn801 Vanosdale Rd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 690-3411
Regional Hospice120 Haywood Avd Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 560-3901
Ricker's Residential Home5218 Jacksboro Pike Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 689-6509
Robert M. Kelso, Dds6231 Highland Place Way, Suite 202 Knoxville, TN. 37919(865) 588-6534
Select Specialty1901 W Clinch Ave Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 522-9803
Serene Manor Medical Ctr970 Wray St Knoxville, TN. 37917(865) 523-9171
Shannondale Assisted Living7350 Middlebrook Pike Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 690-3411
Smoky Mountain Hospice3615 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave Knoxville, TN. 37914(865) 673-5877
Summit Towers Apartments201 Locust St Knoxville, TN. 37902(865) 525-5069
Sunnybrook Apartments4500 Doris Cir Knoxville, TN. 37918(865) 922-9124
Surgical Consultants101 E Blount Ave # 650 Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 632-5699
Thompson Cancer Survival Ctr1915 White Ave Knoxville, TN. 37916(865) 541-1678
Townview Towers Apartments900 S Gay St Knoxville, TN. 37902(865) 525-1262
Turkey Creek Medical Center10820 Parkside Dr. Knoxville, TN. 37934(865) 218-7011
University Breast Ctr1930 Alcoa Hwy # 140 Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 544-9069
University Medical Ctr1924 Alcoa Hwy # U52 Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 544-9151
University Of Tennessee Med1924 Alcoa Hwy Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 544-9000
Us Veterans Outpatient Clinic9047 Executive Park Dr Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 545-4592
Us Veterans Outpatient Clinic9031 Cross Park Dr Knoxville, TN. 37923(865) 545-4592
Westbrook Senior Ctr1320 Old Weisgarber Rd Knoxville, TN. 37909(865) 558-0555
Williamsburg Villas3211 Governor John Sevier Hwy Knoxville, TN. 37914(865) 573-0100
Wilmas Boarding House4301 Mascarene Rd Knoxville, TN. 37921(865) 558-6299
Windsor Gardens AssistedPo Box 12896 Knoxville, TN. 37912(865) 688-4840
Women's Health Ctr Assoc137 E Blount Ave Knoxville, TN. 37920(865) 632-5911
Zion's Residential Home-Aged3430 Ball Rd Knoxville, TN. 37931(865) 690-0281
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